Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Sir Alex Ferguson has blasted Real Madrid for constantly talking up Cristiano Ronaldo in the Press.

"You get used to Real Madrid's performance in these things," said the United manager. "I read last night that Calderon's talking, Schuster's talking, and they use this market as a vehicle to unsettle players.

"It doesn't matter which player it is, the ones you want to keep you have work hard at to keep. In the modern day that's a fact. So that's not lost on Manchester United. And it's not lost on Real Madrid either. They have to try and keep their best players and we have to try and keep ours."

Meanwhile, an official statement has appeared on Manchester United's official site warning Real Madrid that the club will have 'no alternative' but to report Real to FIFA if they do not stop trying to publicly court him!

Let's see what will happen:

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