Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Cristiano Ronaldo has hit back at his critics, and insists that he will take the next penalty - and score!

Ronaldo said: "Next time I get a penalty, I will try and put things right. I am not scared. I am always confident. I have 38 goals this season. It is not a problem if I miss one or two. I try to do my best in every game.

"Since I have been in Manchester I have scored 15 or 16 penalties, I think, and missed two. No-one has said anything to me because I always try to score, to play well."

The contentious incident occurred in the 30th minute when Ronaldo was bundled over by Rafael Marquez but Swiss referee Massimo Busacca did not give the foul.The Portugal winger was left frustrated and chided the official for his overall performance.

He said: "While you have to respect the decision of the referee, he did not make the best decisions. Too many decisions went to Barcelona, he gave us nothing."

Ronaldo is convinced United will carry more of an attacking threat at Old Trafford.

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