Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Fans Still love Ronaldo
Sir Alex Ferguson has insisted that Cristiano Ronaldo will get a great reception from the home fans tonight, as Cristiano dons the famous Red shirt for the first time this season.

Speaking ahead of the game, Fergie stated that Cristiano will definitely be involved, but feel the fans understand the lure of money which saw Ronaldo professing his love for Real Madrid.

“Cristiano will certainly be involved. Whether we start him or not, irrespective of other players’ injuries, is still a major decision. I think it’s more likely that he will start on the bench."

"I think our fans understand the situation. He’s a young man who was tempted by the lure of money, but since we gave him our decision he has accepted it"

“He said that he’d like to go to Real Madrid. When I had the meeting with him, that was it finished. He understood my position and the club’s position. He has accepted it and got on with it like a professional. There has not been a problem since.”

“His training and rehabilitation has been fantastic. Every day, right through till five o’clock, he has shown a real determination to get back playing for us"

Meanwhile, Fergie paid tribute to his training efforts.

"It is one of best recoveries I have ever seen. Every day, he has been training through till 5 p.m. and has showed a real determination to return to playing for us."

“He is well ahead of schedule. That is credit to him and our medical team. They have done a fantastic job, but he has been a great patient. We could have included him against Liverpool on Saturday. Maybe if we’d been at home we would have done. With the game being away we thought it best to give him a few more days.

“He has shown great maturity as well, accepting the decision of Manchester United and getting on with it. No pettiness, no throwing the toys out of the pram. He’s been professional, in training every day and working very hard. We’re delighted that he is back. His return is a huge lift because he is such a fantastic player.”

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Friday, September 12, 2008
UEFA Football of Year
Cristiano Ronaldo was voted as the best player in the Champions League last season (quite rightly) as well as the best Forward.

Whilst the Champions League draw for this year's tournament took place, the Player Awards were given out, with Ronaldo topping the Attacker role, and competing with Chelsea's Petr Cech (Goalie of the Year), John Terry (Defender of the Year somehow) and Frank Lampard (Midfielder of the Year) for the top prize.

Ronaldo was presented with the awards by Portuguese legend Eusebio, and was typically modest.

"I feel very proud to have won these awards," he said. "Manchester (United) had a great season and I scored many goals.

"As a winger, to be named the best forward is fantastic. It is very good for me and gives me more ambition to become better. Thanks to my team-mates and those who voted for me."

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Ronaldo will be back soon
Cristiano Ronaldo has some great news with his injury - he expects to be back early!

Manchester United have stuttered with form so far this season - with goals a real problem for them. But with this news, and the possible signing of a new striker before the Transfer Window closes, United may have a chance to get headlines for the right reasons.

Ronaldo, 23, said: "I am feeling fine. I am feeling really good and my recovery is going well.

"I am more than happy with my progress and I hope to be back playing for United by the end of September - that is my target and it is a realistic one.

"It has been frustrating to miss the start of the Premier League season but I am pleased with my rehabilitation and, hopefully, I'll be ready soon."

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Ronaldo Watches United Draw
Cristiano Ronaldo could only watch on from the sidelines as Manchester United failed to put the ball in the back of the net - and were held in their opening day match against Newcastle.

His side's preparations were hit by the absence of striker Carlos Tevez, who flew home to Argentina following a family bereavement. That led to Fraizer Campbell making his first Premier League start for the club, leading the line with Wayne Rooney who had recovered from a virus.

It was a frantic start to the game, proper end-to-end start-of-the-season stuff, with the two Uniteds taking it in turns to launch an attack.

The Red Devils thought they should have had a penalty when Giggs' free-kick struck Milner on the hand, while Shay Given remarkably saved Campbell's point-blank header with his own head. Given made a magnificent double save too, from Rooney's low right-foot drive and then Paul Scholes' close-range follow-up.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Cristiano Ronaldo's big secret is out!

Just how do you become a brilliant footballer, with the fastest feet in the game, a body that most girls swoon over, score fantsatic goals, and win all those end-of-season Awards? Fitness coach Tony Strudwick reveals all.

"The modern player has a lot more asked of him and Cristiano is a top-class professional who is in impeccable shape. He is in the prime of his life and can handle it - we do all we can to give him the best opportunity to perform."

Ronaldo puts in up to six hours a day at United's training ground, but his work does not stop there. Strudwick added: "The one thing which differentiates Cristiano from a lot of players is that he has a plan.

"He approaches it like an individual athlete in athletics would. I call people like him high-performance players because you have to bang out three high-performance games in a week - for example Barcelona, Chelsea, Barcelona.

"Cristiano will be one of the first in every morning, he'll have his breakfast, making sure the nutritional elements are taken care of because he is fuelling his body. He'll start off by doing his strength work, then he has his training with us, then post-training when he'll work on certain areas of his game.

"It's a long day for him - he doesn't come in for a couple of hours and go home. He spends six hours working hard."

"He's quick, he's strong, he's got a fantastic muscle structure - he is also the consummate professional. You have got to be at the top of your game physically to play 60-plus matches.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008
Real Madrid have finally given up their hopes of signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

"We are not going to start a conflict," Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon said.

"You can't buy what the owner doesn't want to sell. We have not interfered with United's contract agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo. We're sorry that United – a club with which we have an excellent relationship – is annoyed with us because Real Madrid have nothing to do with that aspect.

"I want to clear this up with him and assure him we are not going to influence any player to break a contractual relationship. We are not going to start a conflict. If a club doesn't want to sell a player, why would we insist that they do sell him?"

Cristiano is now free to concentrate on his Euro 2008 tournament with ortugal - we'll be ready and reporting it all here so keep checking back!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Sir Alex Ferguson has blasted Real Madrid for constantly talking up Cristiano Ronaldo in the Press.

"You get used to Real Madrid's performance in these things," said the United manager. "I read last night that Calderon's talking, Schuster's talking, and they use this market as a vehicle to unsettle players.

"It doesn't matter which player it is, the ones you want to keep you have work hard at to keep. In the modern day that's a fact. So that's not lost on Manchester United. And it's not lost on Real Madrid either. They have to try and keep their best players and we have to try and keep ours."

Meanwhile, an official statement has appeared on Manchester United's official site warning Real Madrid that the club will have 'no alternative' but to report Real to FIFA if they do not stop trying to publicly court him!

Let's see what will happen:

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