Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Fans Still love Ronaldo
Sir Alex Ferguson has insisted that Cristiano Ronaldo will get a great reception from the home fans tonight, as Cristiano dons the famous Red shirt for the first time this season.

Speaking ahead of the game, Fergie stated that Cristiano will definitely be involved, but feel the fans understand the lure of money which saw Ronaldo professing his love for Real Madrid.

“Cristiano will certainly be involved. Whether we start him or not, irrespective of other players’ injuries, is still a major decision. I think it’s more likely that he will start on the bench."

"I think our fans understand the situation. He’s a young man who was tempted by the lure of money, but since we gave him our decision he has accepted it"

“He said that he’d like to go to Real Madrid. When I had the meeting with him, that was it finished. He understood my position and the club’s position. He has accepted it and got on with it like a professional. There has not been a problem since.”

“His training and rehabilitation has been fantastic. Every day, right through till five o’clock, he has shown a real determination to get back playing for us"

Meanwhile, Fergie paid tribute to his training efforts.

"It is one of best recoveries I have ever seen. Every day, he has been training through till 5 p.m. and has showed a real determination to return to playing for us."

“He is well ahead of schedule. That is credit to him and our medical team. They have done a fantastic job, but he has been a great patient. We could have included him against Liverpool on Saturday. Maybe if we’d been at home we would have done. With the game being away we thought it best to give him a few more days.

“He has shown great maturity as well, accepting the decision of Manchester United and getting on with it. No pettiness, no throwing the toys out of the pram. He’s been professional, in training every day and working very hard. We’re delighted that he is back. His return is a huge lift because he is such a fantastic player.”

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